Funded Projects

  • UCI ICS Exploration Grant: Exploring New Security Horizons for Emerging Autonomous Systems.
    PI: Marco Levorato; Co-PIs: Gene Tsudik and Qui Alfred Chen.
    USD 75K, March 2019–March 2020.
  • DARPA: HYDRA – Resilient Computation for Heterogeneous Autonomous Drone Systems.
    PI: Marco Levorato; Co-PI: Bhaskar Krishnamachari (USC).
    USD 305K, October 2018–September 2019.
  • University of California: UC-Lab Center for Electricity Distribution Cybersecurity.
    Co-PI: Marco Levorato (UC-wide faculty and national labs team).
    USD 3.75M (300K personal), March 2018–February 2021.
  • NSF-SAS: Cognitive and Reflective Monitoring Systems for Urban Environments.
    PI: Marco Levorato; Co-PI: Solmaz Kia.
    USD 500K, January 2018–December 2021.
  • NSF-WiFiUS: IoCT-CARE: Internet of Cognitive Things for Personalized Healthcare.
    PI: Nikil Dutt; Co-PI: Marco Levorato.
    USD 300K, April 2017–March 2019.
  • NSF-EPCN: Multi-Scale Analysis and Control of Smart Energy Systems.
    PI: Marco Levorato; Co-PI: Mohammad al Faruque.
    USD 260K, September 2016–August 2018.
  • University of California Hellman Fellowship: The Path Towards Smart Interconnected Communities.
    PI: Marco Levorato.
    USD 50K, 2016.